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Dr. Ramchandra Prasad

Contact:- 9473391184/7722072696

E- Mail:- [email protected]


2. Professor in charge (Academic)

Shri Manish Kumar

Contact:-  9533021612

E- Mail:- [email protected]

3. Professor in charge (Admission)

Shri Moazzam Haidri

Contact:- 9341185539

E- Mail:[email protected]

4. Professor in charge (Examination) & HoD (Civil Engineering)

Shri Md. Hussain

Contact:-95701 84727

E- Mail:[email protected]

5.  Head of Department (Electrical Engineering)

Shri Moazzam Haidari

Contact:- 7631415915/9341185539

E- Mail:-

6. Head of Department (Electronics & Com. Engineering)

Shri Md Tabish Raza

Contact:-95608 87951

E- Mail:[email protected]

07.  Head of Department (Computer Science & Engineering)

Dr. Ankur Priyadarshi


E-mail:[email protected]/[email protected]

08. Head of Department (Mechanical Engineering)

Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Contact:-  9577140266

E- Mail:[email protected]

09. Professor in charge (Time Table)

Shri Mithilesh Kumar

Contact:-  82107 83420

E- Mail:- [email protected]

10.  Head of Department (Applied Science & Humanities)

Dr. Prabhat Bharti & Dr. Jayprakash Yadav

Contact:-  9471928542/9789802504

E- Mail:-………………………..






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